Archival records from Digital preservation of newspapers of the first half of the twentieth century in Nicaragua (EAP571)

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  • El Comercio

    Collection Ref: EAP571/1
    Description: A daily newspaper published in Managua from July 1896 to May 1933, in the printing house “Rojas” and later in the printing house “El Comercio”. Its editor was José María Castrillo. It consisted of four pages and it was published in broadsheet ...
  • El Diario Nicaragüense

    Collection Ref: EAP571/2
    Description: In 1884 Anselmo H. Rivas and Rigoberto Cabezas founded "Diario de Nicaragua", the first daily newspaper in the country. Since July 1884, after the partnership between Rivas and Cabezas dissolved, Rivas continued to publish the newspaper under ...
  • La Noticia

    Collection Ref: EAP571/3
    Description: "La Noticia" was a daily newspaper published in Managua from September 1915 to 1967, at least. It was subtitled "Diario de la mañana" ("Morning Newspaper"), it consisted of four to six pages and was printed at "Tipografía Pérez" ("Pérez Printi ...
  • La Tribuna

    Collection Ref: EAP571/4
    Description: A daily newspaper published in Managua from 1917 to 1933, in the printing house “La Tribuna”. Its editor and manager was Salvador Buitrago Díaz, it was subtitled “Morning Newspaper” and it consisted of four pages. It was published in broadshee ...
  • El Liberal

    Collection Ref: EAP571/5
    Description: A weekly newspaper consisting of 16 tabloid size pages that described itself in its slogan as an “organ of liberal nationalist propaganda”, and later as a “liberal nationalist publication”. It was printed in “Perez Graphic Workshop”, in Managu ...
  • La Prensa

    Collection Ref: EAP571/6
    Description: A daily newspaper published in Managua since 3 March 1926, and that is still published today. Pedro Joaquín Chamorro Zelaya was its editor since 1930, and later his son, Pedro Joaquín Chamorro Cardenal, both affine to the Conservative Party. I ...