Archival records from Creating a digital archive of a circum-Caribbean trading entrepôt: notarial records from La Guajira (EAP503)

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  • Iglesia Santa Cruz de Lorica [1860-1911]

    Collection Ref: EAP503/2
    This collection contains baptismal, marriage, death, and informational records from the Iglesia Santa Cruz de Lorica created between 1860 and 1911. The documents contain ecclesiastical and genealogical information. ...
  • Notaría Única de Lorica [1854-1925]

    Collection Ref: EAP503/3
    This collection contains notarial and judicial documents produced by the Notaría Única de Lorica between 1854 and 1925. These documents include sales of land, declarations of assets, inheritances, and land deeds. ...