Archival records from Locating and identifying Lepcha manuscripts as a first step towards their preservation (EAP281)

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  • The story of Lord Tashe

    File Ref: EAP281/1/8
    The story of Lord Tashe: tashe sung, and The legend of Gúrú Cho-Óng: gúrú cho?óng. 165-170×215-225 mm; 316 pages; exercise book, hard cover wrapped in black cloth; machinemade paper; black and purple ink; scribe unknown, p. 3 ms dated 1892, p. 211 colophon ...
  • The book of Máni

    File Ref: EAP281/1/9
    The book of Máni: máni sa cho, Astrology: yúkcho nyókbú sá cho, The legend of the Ants: tukfyíl sá námthár, Prayers to the Chörten: chotyen munlóm, Funeral calculations: líkbá sá tsu. 291×85 mm; 151 pages; ms handmade, oblong bookform, cover wrapped in bro ...
  • Lâzóng [25 June 1948]

    File Ref: EAP281/1/11
    Lâzóng, book on the Lepcha alphabet: lâzóng. 206×107 mm; 94 pages; handmade, oblong bookform, one quire, stitched with blue cord; handmade paper; black ink; scribe N.S. Kárthák (which is possibly the same as Núrshíng Kárthák, i.e. Núrshíng Lepcha, as some ...
  • The legendary origin of tobacco [1 November 1911]

    File Ref: EAP281/1/18
    The legendary origin of Tobacco: tangku námthár and The story of the learned master Birútsáná: lopân bírútsáná sá sung. 340×115 mm; 132 pages; ms handmade, oblong bookform, one quire and cover, stitched; handmade paper; black and red ink; scribe Tshángdo T ...
  • "The story of Lord Tashe, tashe sung"

    File Ref: EAP281/2/2
    The story of Lord Tashe: tashe sung. 190×95 mm; 33 pages; ms handmade, oblong bookform, one quire, stitched; machinemade paper; black ink; scribe and date unknown; condition reasonable, rust, ink and dirt stains, some pages slightly torn; p. 32 notes in Le ...
  • Worship of Ekádoshi: ?ekádoshi sá munlóm

    File Ref: EAP281/2/3
    Worship of Ekádoshi: ?ekádoshi sá munlóm. 245×125 mm; 100 pages; ms handmade, oblong bookform, loose paper cover, several quires, stitched; combination of handmade and machinemade paper; black, purple and blue ink, notes in red ink; scribe and date unknown ...