Archival records from Preserving East Timor's endangered archives: stage two (EAP250)

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  • Preserving East Timor's endangered archives: stage two

    Collection Ref: EAP250/1
    The majority of documents are internally generated material produced by CAVR staff and consultants. Some documents originate from CAVR partner organizations such as ELSAM and Fokupers, as well as the Timorese government and UN agencies. Primary research do ...
  • Strategic Management

    Collection Ref: EAP250/1/1
    Materials concerned with broad systematic management planning for CAVR, including the activities involved with the development, monitoring and reviewing of business plans, strategic plans and other long term organizational strategies. ...
  • Public Relations

    Collection Ref: EAP250/1/2
    Records documenting the establishment of rapport with the community and raising and maintaining CAVR's broad public proFile ...
  • Truthseeking

    Collection Ref: EAP250/1/3
    Materials documenting the establishment of the truth regarding past human rights violations by researching,recording and analyzing testimony. Also includes reporting on the nature of the human rights violations that have occurred and identifying the factor ...
  • Victim support

    Collection Ref: EAP250/1/4
    Documents outlining the function of assisting in restoring the human dignity of victims and the promotion of human rights ...