Digitisation of Pesantren manuscripts in Gresik and Tuban, East Java, Indonesia: The neglected Islamic intellectual treasure (EAP1564)

Aims and objectives

This project deals with manuscripts stored in Gresik and Tuban, which are tied together in one pesantren family; Pesantren Qomaruddin, Bungah, Gresik, East Java. These will complement the previous project undertaken by Amiq in the EAP project (EAP061/2006), which has not yet digitised the manuscript collection in Gresik. One hundred manuscripts belonging to several descendants of the pesantren founders have been digitised by the DREAMSEA Project (2021) by PPIM UIN Jakarta and Hamberg University, Germany), but a hundred manuscripts remain untouched. This collection is important for the intellectual history of Islam in the north coast of East Java and Indonesia.