Endangered Manuscripts of Riau: Malay intellectual networks on Sumatra's spice route (EAP1547)

Aims and objectives

This project aims to digitise, restore, and catalogue Malay manuscripts in Kampar, Pekanbaru, Indragiri Hilir, Bengkalis, and Daik Lingga. In the past, these locations were part of the spice route in Sumatra. Daik Lingga and Kampar have been part of previous EAP projects (EAP153 and EAP1020). After a few years, we found manuscripts from some locals in these areas. So, we continue the previous project to digitise their collections. All these manuscripts are written in Jawi, Latin, and Arabic. The manuscripts contain religion, culture, history, etc. The materials are in fragile physical conditions and need to be digitised soon.