Archival records from The digitisation of Minangkabau's manuscript collections in Suraus (EAP144)

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  • Surau Lubuk Ipuh Collection

    Collection Ref: EAP144/3
    The collection is mostly written on European paper which ages approximately ranged from the early 1200s to middle 1900s. Their conditions are now pretty much critical and endanger: some are now seriously broken down, the writings are washed out and pages a ...
  • "Compilation of Sarf, Tarekat, and Shalat"

    File Ref: EAP144/3/28
    This manuscript consists of three texts which contains about sarf (morphology or the Arabic grammar) in Arabic and Arabic script (1), suluk or tarekat (path of mystic to follow) in Javanese language and Pegon; it’s title is Ushul Shuluk Aliran Qadriyah and ...