Preservation of 1930-1935 Ardiin-Erkh newspapers (EAP1391)

Aims and objectives

The project objective is to digitize all editions of the Ardiin Erkh newspaper printed between January 1930 through December 1935. These editions are considered unique and valuable historic records that need to be safeguarded and promoted both locally and internationally. 

This project follows on from a previous project (EAP890), which digitised later editions of the same newspapers.


The following has been achieved as the result of the project:

  • A five-day training session was conducted, involving all team members and including some library staff.
  • Hundreds of issues of the target newspapers have been cleaned from dust and occasional dirt before digitisation.
  • Special archival boxes have been provided to help improve the conditions within the library and safeguard the material from further damage.
  • The digital copies have been deposited at the District Library, Monsound and Vision Foundation and the British Library.
  • The team has been left with the desire to develop another project aimed at digitising old newspapers printed between 1921-1927 that are in traditional Mongolian script.

The records copied by this project have been catalogued as: