Survey, Preservation and Digitisation of Palm-leaf Manuscripts (lontar) in Private Collections of Bali and Lombok. (EAP1241)

Aims and objectives

This pilot project aims at surveying small and medium-sized private collections of palm-leaf manuscripts (lontar) in Bali and Lombok (Indonesia), and at digitising the manuscripts kept at the Museum Lontar Dukuh Penaban in Karangasem, some of which belong to the personal collection of the leading expert of lontar Ida Dewa Gede Catra. The project is designed to maximise knowledge and technology transfer, in particular through the training of a Balinese team that will carry out all the activities of survey, preservation, and digitisation in situ. The project will not only preserve and perennialise the manuscripts that are exposed to natural threats or in a poor state of conservation, but also make this fragile heritage more easily accessible for the Balinese community.