Preservation of audio recordings, and accompanying documentation of music and folklore of Western Rajasthan (EAP1153)

Aims and objectives

The materials of this collection at Rupayan Sansthan in Jodhpur are a great scholarly resource of music and related oral traditions of Rajasthan, made by and with the late Komal Kothari for those interested in Rajasthan and South Asian studies as well as ethnomusicology, folklore and cultural studies. Likely be among the oldest recordings of these traditions before any form of urban or media exposure makes them highly valuable. The documents in the form of notes, photographs and other textual material will provide a resource that has so far not existed in a cohesive manner, and not been accessible to scholars.

The open reels which is at the core of this project date from 1958 to 1976. These are endangered due to the poor storage conditions and the lack of playback equipment at the Rupayan Sansthan where they have been stored has meant that no transfers have been made. The material therefore is inaccessible. The documents and photographs that accompany this collection of audio tapes have not been stored well and are not listed, catalogued or organise. If we are not able to undertake this project, we do not see any possibility of preserving these materials or making them available.