Consolidation and Digitisation of the Historical Archive of the Diocese of Texcoco, Mexico (EAP1147)

Aims and objectives

The project covers three centuries in the historic diocese of Texcoco, beginning in 1580 and ending in 1907. Texcoco, the second city of the Aztec Empire, was the site of the first official church in Mexico, and its parish archives contain invaluable information about the daily, ongoing formation and transformation of indigenous faith and communities over centuries, beginning in the early period of Spanish rule and continuing through the Mexican Revolution. Eight parish archives are part of this project: Texcoco, San Andrés Chiautla, Santa María Tulantongo, San Luis Huexotla, San Miguel Coatlinchan, Papalotla, San Miguel Chiconcuac and San Mateo Atenco.


These records have been catalogued as: