Salvaging the Historical Heritage of Land Registration Documents of the Archives of Land Registration Division and Lands Commission of Ghana (EAP1119)

Aims and objectives

There is a huge volume of endangered documents in the Archives of the Commission. This pilot project can take care of only small aspect of it. The Lands Commission has offices in all the 10 regions in Ghana and each of them keeps an archive in their premises. The follow-on major project would concentrate mostly on the highly endangered records of these offices of the Commission. The Lands Commission also operates via regional offices. 

All land is acquired by possession, clearing of forest land being considered as sufficient to entitle Aborigines to the permanent occupation and right of ownership in them: such lands may either be occupied for purposes of cultivation, building or mining. The land is either the property of a Tribe; country, town/village; Company; Family; or Individual.

This project aims addressing the challenges that the general public/researchers encounter in their search for land document at the institution mandated to create and hold in trust of the country. The project will exercise intensive re-organisation of the Archives and provide electronic copies.


The following survey was the main output for this project:


The records copied by this project have been catalogued as: