Archival records from Bamum script and archives project: saving Africa's written heritage (EAP051)

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  • Early Journal of Nji Mama, speaking in Parables [c 1900]

    File Ref: EAP051/1/1/12/404
    Leaves: 1; Pages: 2; Measurements: 27.6cm x 21cm; Dates ca. 1900; Script: Akauku Mfemfe; Condition: Poor; Comments: The script variant employed here, which is among the earliest known among the Bamum, along with the expensive parchment paper used, confirm ...
  • Journal of the palace for the year 1920 [03 Apr 1905]

    File Ref: EAP051/1/2/491
    Leaves: 1; Pages: 2; Measurements: 18.5cm x 25cm; Dates: 1920; Script: Akauku Mfemfe in pencil and blue and purple ink; Condition: Fair (document taped); Comments: Document appears to be in the hand of Nji Mama Pekekue; document shows signs of heavy usage ...