Monks group portrait [1986]

Chanting to connect age for Sathou Nyai Khamfan Silasangvaro Vat Kili at Dhammavihan.this chanting case has two objects as:(1).to get lid off illness.(2) listen chanting which is Budhha's teaching(explain that:birth,getting old,pain,dead is regular of human,do not depressed).the senior monks that joy:(left)Sathou Maha Chanpeng Vat Thumpousi,unidentified monk,Sathou Nyai Cahnpeng Palittathammo,now he livs at Vat Mai,Sathou Nyai Poummi Palappatto Vat Nong,Sathou Nyai Khamchan Virachitto Vat Saen,Sathou Nyai Onta Santapanyo Vat Manorom.This photo was taken in C.E1986.

Original material consists of: chromogenic print.