Takoradi Railway Workers' Archives Digitisation Project (EAP1144)

Aims and objectives

The pilot project aims to do two things. The first aim is to secure workers' archive documents from leakage of rain water pouring into the building with plastic sheets in those parts of the building affected. This, it is assumed, will create a temporal space of several years in which files are safe from further deterioration. Secondly, the pilot project will include the mapping of all the files in the building by the years they are sorted in, and the commencement of digitisation - of a shelf metre or two - of the files, beginning with the oldest.


This was a digitisation "pilot project". Therefore the main aim was to test the feasibility of a full digitisation project in Takoradi, Ghana: to find a good place with electricity, where digitisation could take place; gather support and trust from the railway's management; find and train staff for sample digitisation as part of the pilot; explore and map the paper archive. 68 employee files and 2 miscellaneous files have been digitised as part of the pilot project.

EAP1144 survey is available online to understand the history and current condition of the archive.

The records copied by this project have been catalogued as: