Public High Schools Archives of Chile, Digitisation for their rescue, preservation and dissemination (EAP1065)

Aims and objectives

This project will digitise document series of school management records that are being preserved by five public high schools which are called liceos. Founded starting in 1813 while the country was undergoing its independence process; they helped to educate the political elites of the Republic of Chile and constitute the Republics’ early educational network. This project will give the public access to documents that show the historical memory of Chilean education and will make new approaches possible to academic research in this area. The project will also give value to educational patrimony, add to the historical memory of local educational communities through the historical archival and patrimonial analysis of these documents.


The records, unknown and inaccessible, are significant to national historiographical research, teaching of history and the reinforcement of the memory and identity of local communities. These documents contain information that is fundamental for the revitalization of the history of education in Chile, as these documents give in-depth information of the social and institutional history of the Chilean public educational system since its’ beginning. Additionally, the opportunity to work directly with these documents will help contribute to innovative pedagogical practices in Chilean high schools, promote historical thinking, civic education and the value of patrimony.