Documentation for Grant Holders

All EAP grants are awarded subject to the standard contract terms (Grant Agreement) which have been drawn up based on the funding agreement between the British Library and Arcadia, and the British Library‚Äôs status as a UK public body. This section contains the current templates, guidelines and forms required by grant holders and project teams once the award has been made. Note that all current projects are required to work to the most recent terms, regardless of when the award was made.


These are the current versions. The Guide, Agreement and bank details form will be reviewed from time to time.


The Interim Report and Change Request forms are referred to in all Grant Agreements. 


Once the Grant Agreement has been signed and countersigned, the EAP team processes the payment details and the first instalment is paid in time for the start of the project (month 0 - June or July of the award year). Schedule 2 of the Grant Agreement sets out the dates when the EAP team requires reports and samples of digital images and metadata in order to process further payments.

Sample images and metadata should be submitted to the EAP team, for quality assurance purposes, as soon as possible, and certainly within three months of the start of the project. The standard template must be used for Interim Reports, which must also include a financial report of expenditure against budget headings, in pounds sterling. 

When the project is completed grant holders must submit the digital collections and metadata and the Final Report to the EAP office, no later than three months after the grant end date.