The EAP collections and website benefit from the following collaborations:


Grants received for additional activities and support

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Website design and development


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Additional technical support

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We also rely on the support and help of users with enhancing metadata for existing collections.

Special thanks to:

  • Yiru Guo (EAP012; EAP550)
  • Nicolas Drofiak (EAP016)
  • Sanket Kulkarni (EAP023, EAP636, EAP729)
  • Charles Manson, Tsering Samdrup, Uranchimeg Tsultem and Enkhee Namsrai Henderson (EAP031)
  • Matthew Waters (EAP264, EAP524)
  • Urmishree Bedamatta and Sanghamitra Das (EAP373)
  • Amer Abu-Shamleh (EAP488)
  • Hana Lewis (EAP816)
  • Ilyas Kayaev and Shamil Shikhaliev (EAP957)
  • Nigel Nugawela (EAP981)
  • M Nida' Fadlan (EAP988)
  • Sarah FitzGerald (Data visualisations on EAP projects in Africa)