How to access collections

This page provides some helpful tips on how to access EAP image collections on this website. We have also made a number of audio collections available on the BL Sounds platform (see this page for more information).

The archives can be accessed in four main ways:

  1. using the website search box
  2. clicking on ‘Explore the Archives
  3. the map on the homepage
  4. via the British Library Explore Archives catalogue and hierarchical viewer

All of the archives available can be searched from any page using the ‘Search all endangered archives’ box*. Search results will be displayed alongside filters that can help narrow the results. For tips on using search and filters see this page.

*Please note this is different to the ‘Search our website’ box in the site header, which searches the main British Library catalogue (more on this below).

Search box highlighted

All of the content available can be browsed by clicking on ‘Explore the Archives’ and refined through use of the filters in the sidebar. This is helpful if you want to browse all results for a specific language, script, or content type etc.

Explore the archives highlighted

Projects can be explored by location using the map available at the bottom of our homepage. Each pin represents one of our funded projects. Clicking on one shows the title of the project with a clickable link taking you to the 'project page'. These pages give information about the project, and when available, a link to the digitised images and associated metadata.

Homepage project map

EAP catalogue records are searchable from the British Library's Explore Archives and Manuscripts catalogue. Your search will be performed across all BL archives and manuscript collections. A particularly useful feature for EAP records is the ability to browse the archival hierarchy/structure of all of our collections. This can be used as a finding aid and shows how the records relate to each other, putting them in context with the hierarchy reflecting how the archives were created and/or organised.

You can search for EAP records by keyword or reference. After finding the desired record, clicking on 'Browse this collection' will load the hierarchical viewer. To view the digitised image(s) and return to the EAP website click on 'View digital version'. If you need any guidance the short video at the bottom of this page demonstrates this.

The hierarchical viewer for each collection can also be directly accessed from the links at the bottom of project pages.

Explore Archives and Manuscripts catalogue

British Library's Explore Archives and Manuscripts catalogue results page.

Hierarchical Viewer

Hierarchical viewer with link back to EAP images highlighted.

Video file

Video showing the use of the British Library's Explore Archives and Manuscripts catalogue. Shows use of the 'hierarchical viewer' and the links back to the EAP website to view images.