Семейный архив семей Скобёлкиных и Шутовых

Handwritten books and handwritten documents with canons, prayers, musical notation, photo album and individual photos, inherited by the descendants of the Kostroma Old Believers from the Skobyolkin-Shutov family.

Extent: 6 manuscripts and 1 handwritten commemoration book, 1 album and 10 individual photos, 97 documents, 7 postcards,10 letters.

Custodial history: The family archives are collected and stored by Shutov L.P. His son Anatoly Shutov handed over the objects to the museum. Since the summer of 2018, the collection has been stored in Regional state budget institution of culture "Kostroma State Historical-Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve.

Arrangement: The initial systematization of the archive is almost completely lost. There are separate order numbers of folders and books. Some of the materials were systematized by I. Nagradov during the description.

This collection contains the following 8 series.

  • EAP990/2/1: Книги рукописные [Knigi rukopisnye / Manuscripts], Late 19th century-after 1988
  • EAP990/2/2: Фотографии из семейного архива Скобёлкиных [Fotografii iz semeĭnogo arkhiva Skobёlkinyh / Photos from the Skobyolkin family archive], 1916-1970s
  • EAP990/2/3: Воспоминания Л.П. Шутова [Vospominaniĭa L.P. Shutova / Memoirs of L.P. Shutov], 1969-1989
  • EAP990/2/4: Административные документы членов семьи Скобёлкиных [Administrativnye dokumenty chlenov sem'i Skobёlkinykh / Administrative documents of the Skobelkin family], 1925-1988
  • EAP990/2/5: Финансовые и хозяйственные документы семьи Скобёлкиных [Finansovye i khozĭaĭstvennye dokumenty sem'i Skobёlkinykh / Financial and household documents of the Skobelkin family], 1913-1990s
  • EAP990/2/6: Документы личного происхождения членов семьи Скобёлкиных [Dokumenty lichnogo proiskhozhdeniĭa chlenov sem'i Skobёlkinykh / Documents of personal origin of Skobelkin], 1919-1955
  • EAP990/2/7: Документы о продаже дома Скобёлкиных в д. Стрельниково [Documenty o prodazhe doma Skobёlkinykh v derevne Strel'nikovo / Documents on the sale of the Skobelkins house in Strelnikovo village], 1979-30 Oct 1990
  • EAP990/2/8: Хронологии рода Шутовых-Скобёлкиных [KHronologii roda Shutovykh-Skobёlkinykh / Chronology of the Shutov-Skobelkin family], 1960-1990s.