Печатные книги и рукописи из библиотеки церкви святого Николая села Чернопенье

Manuscripts and old-printed books of the Cyrillic tradition, acquired and compiled by members of the Old Believers community in Chernopen“e village, Kostroma region.

Extent: 1 old printed Cyrillic book, 4 manuscripts, 1 handwritten commemoration book.

Custodial history: The books belong to the parish of the Church of St. Nicholas of Chernopen“e village. Collected from different sources in the second half of the XX century.

Arrangement: Books and manuscripts were not systematized.

This collection contains the following 2 series.

  • EAP990/1/1: Книги печатные [Knigi pechatnye / Books], 1794
  • EAP990/1/2: Книги рукописные [Knigi rukopisnye / Manuscripts], Early 20th century-Early 21st century.