Twentieth Century Sundry Mission Reports, 1919-1937

From Professor Bernard Bate's finding aid: "These represent a coherent categorical unit based on uniformity of subject matter, shelf proximity, and uniformity of paper bindings…. They consists primarily of mimeo copies of typed reports from the American Mission, Jaffna College, Uduvil Womens' Boarding School, Bible Women, Tellippallai Station, McLeod and Green Memorial Hospitals from 1919 through 1937" (2005).

Size and dimensions of original material: 12 files in 3 boxes.

Arrangement: The files in this series are stored in polypropylene folders and stored in three boxes.

This series contains.

· EAP971/2/6/1 Report of the American Ceylon Mission of the American Board for 1919.

· EAP971/2/6/2 ACM Reports from 1922, 1923.

· EAP971/2/6/3 Annual Report and Souvenir of the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the McLeod Hospital Inuvil, Chunnakam, Ceylon 1924.

· EAP971/2/6/4 The Mission Annual Report 1925.

· EAP971/2/6/5 Report 1926.

· EAP971/2/6/6 Annual Report of the American Ceylon Mission 1927.

· EAP971/2/6/7 Reports 1928.

· EAP971/2/6/8 Reports 1929-1931.

· EAP971/2/6/9 Reports 1932-1934.

· EAP971/2/6/10 Reports 1935-1938.

· EAP971/2/6/11 Reports of the American Ceylon Mission Press.

· EAP971/2/6/12 Sundry Reports, c. 1929-1935.