Documents relating to History

Custodial history: Acquired from the Council Chamber of TdC, Nov 2017, unless otherwise stated.

Volume number: Letters.

This series contains the following files:

  • EAP951/1/2/1: Letter from A.P. Waldock to Rev. Harold Wilde
  • EAP951/1/2/2: Letter from The Norwegian Scientific Expedition to inhabitants of Tristan
  • EAP951/1/2/3: Tristan da Cunha An Appeal
  • EAP951/1/2/4: Letter from Peter Green to his friend George Newman
  • EAP951/1/2/5: Letters from Andrew Hagan, Susan hagan, Charlie Green, Lawrence Lavarello, Melvin Gerard and Gary Kaplan 1928-1969
  • EAP951/1/2/6: Mainly articles and some letters regarding Rev Henry and Rose Rogers time on Tristan
  • EAP951/1/2/7: Letters to Reverend and Mrs Rogers from 1923 - 1926
  • EAP951/1/2/8: Letters to Reverend and Mrs Rogers
  • EAP951/1/2/9: Letters to Mrs Rogers and corespondance to and from Rev Edward Rogers Jnr
  • EAP951/1/2/10: Letters and Articles to and from Douglas M Gane Colonial Office
  • EAP951/1/2/11: Letters from Tristan da Cunha
  • EAP951/1/2/12: Letter written by Lt. Milne R. A to the Admiralty asking that he might establish a colony on Tristan
  • EAP951/1/2/13: An account about Tristan da Cunha based on letters by Rev. A.C. Pooley and Mr Philip Lindsay
  • EAP951/1/2/14: A postcard to Miss Erh Stephens in Rondebosch
  • EAP951/1/2/15: A letter from Clement Glass to Mr Jack Fraser
  • EAP951/1/2/16: A letter from A.L. Bickford-Smith to Brother Scout Cambridge University