Newspapers (1869-1929)

The Newspaper collection of British Indian Association consists manily of The Hindoo Patriot and The Englishman. Two copies of Forward and one copy of 'The Statesman and Friend of India' are also part of this series. These newspapers are not available as open online archives, and in many cases not digitised or even microfilmed. These newspapers provide insight into the contemporary socio-political, economic and cultural milieu during the British Colonial period.

Extent and format of original material: 68 files.

Physical characteristics: Newspapers were in constant need for special attention while handling. The papers are cheap and transient in nature. In most cases, the paper used for print was of very poor quality, as a result of which the pages are now yellowed and very brittle. Also, as the newspapers were stored in gunny bags and tied with ropes, the material at the bottom of the bags are severely damaged due to their own weight, moisture absorption and exposure to sunlight. Therefore, most of the material is unmanageable for digitization. The balance material that was salvaged was in very delicate condition.

Editor of the original material: Mentioned at file level, wherever found.