British Indian Association Archive

The British Indian Association, founded in 1851, was one of the earliest political associations of Indian colonial subjects. It was the first political body of the nation and can really challenge Indian National Congress for the title of the Grand Old Party. It was largely composed of landholders who maintained a combination of conservatism and progress in their efforts to obtain freedom for colonial India.

The material dates from 1851-1947. It includes rare handwritten, printed and typed paper documents pertaining to the history and transactions of the Association. The repository comprises correspondence, memoranda, minutes, reports and legal documents, archives on political, social and economic movements in India from 1851, runs of rare newspapers and other rare print material in English and Bengali.

Extent and format of original material: The collection consists of 11 series.

Physical characteristics: The material is at critical risk as virtually no steps have been taken for its conservation so far. The state of the repository is extremely compromised and alarmingly fragile.

This collection contains the following 11 series.

  • EAP922/1/1: Annual Reports (1859-1948)
  • EAP922/1/2: Booklet (1852-1947)
  • EAP922/1/3: Journal (1936)
  • EAP922/1/4: Minutes Book (1864-1948)
  • EAP922/1/5: Newspapers (1869 -1929)
  • EAP922/1/6: Book (1909)
  • EAP922/1/7: Felicitation (1926-1927)
  • EAP922/1/8: Pamphlet (Early 20th century)
  • EAP922/1/9: Manuscript (19th century-Early 20th century)
  • EAP922/1/10: Reports (1890-1938)
  • EAP922/1/11: Documents (1859-1938).