Nyasaland District Books, 1907-1942

This collection contains 48 district administration books for regions in the British colonial territory of Nyasaland [Malawi]. The project team initially planned to digitise 182 notebooks identified during an earlier pilot project. However, they only digitised the 48 notebooks in the poorest condition.

Custodial history: These books were originally located in the respective districts of Dedza, Dowa, Fort Manning, (Mchinji), Karonga, Kasunga, Kota-kota (Nkhota-kota), Lilongwe, Mzimba, and Nkhatabay. As part of this project these books were relocated for preservation at the National Archive of Malawi.

Unfortunately, some of the digital images received by EAP are out of focus and may be difficult to read. We nonetheless decided to publish all of the images that we received from the project team.