Asia Studio collection [1940s-1950s]

A mixture of studio portraits, press photographs, and reproductions from the 1940s to the late 1960s. Including early photographs of high ranking politicians such as General Ne Win and General Bogyoke Aung San; Buddhist ceremonies, monk portraits, traditional dance scenes, family portraitures, military gatherings and a musician. The oldest image is a broken glass plate from c. 1940. Most of the images were taken in the Yangon area. The images were taken by U Kyawt (1913-1988). Founder of Asia Studio, Yangon and passed down to his grandson Teza Aung who took over the studio until he closed it in 2008. 134 negatives. 60 medium format 6x6 cm, 1 glass plate, 14 8x10 in, 10 5x5in, 49 cut film various sizes.

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