रघुनाथ मन्दिर पुस्तकालय, जम्मू

Paper Manuscripts collected under the auspices of the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir.

Arrangement: First catalogued by the famous Colonial Indologist and Sanskritphile Sir Auriel Stein. The Original Collection that Stein got to examine was furthur expanded over the years. After Stein's First Catalog published as Catalog of Sanskrit manuscripts in the Raghunatha temple Library of the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir (https://archive.org/details/JammuKashmirSteinManuscriptInRaghunathaTempleOfMaharaja) , Patkar and Mishra recatalogued including all new entires published in 4 Volumes viewable at https://archive.org/details/DescriptiveCatalogOfSanskritManuscriptsInSriRanbirSanskritResearchInsituteJammuVolumeIIIM.M.Patkar. Third possibly most uptodate cataloguing was done by IGNCA .https://archive.org/details/IGNCACatalogShriRanbirSanskritResearchInstitute. The Current Arrangement in the Almiras is Topical with the Beginning Almiras marked as 1 containing Grammatical works with the terminal Almira containig Shaivism and Agama.