Sikkim Palace Archives

While it is an archive that represents elite perspectives, the Sikkim Palace Archives, is also the first collection of local origin to be made freely and universally accessible for international scholarship, presenting a perspective of events and characters as experienced from within looking out. This provides a valuable contrast to the earlier need to rely very largely on colonial sources for the history of Sikkim, and indeed the collection adds considerably to the available sources on the history and culture of Sikkim, with very little duplication of material with that available elsewhere, namely in the British Library (Oriental and India Office Collection), and to a lesser extent in the National Archives of India and the Sikkim State Archives.

The Palace archives are much more concerned with the inner workings of royal government in Sikkim: Council meeting minutes, legal determinations, and innovations such as the introduction of animal welfare initiatives or standardised weights and measures are all found here. So too is private correspondence between Chogyals and Political Officers, which illuminates the inner workings of their relationship. Some of the material concerns Buddhist rather than secular government, in that it deals with such matters as the visits of high-ranking Lamas from Tibet, ritual duties to be performed, and astrological determination of auspicious dates for state occasions.

This collection contains the following 7 series.

  • EAP880/1/1: Domestic Affairs, 1875-1975;
  • EAP880/1/2: Foreign Affairs, 1875-1975;
  • EAP880/1/3: Land Affairs, 1875-1975;
  • EAP880/1/4: Religious Affairs, 1875-1975;
  • EAP880/1/5: Palace Affairs, 1875-1975;
  • EAP880/1/6: Miscellaneous Affairs, 1875-1975;
  • EAP880/1/7: Correspondence, 1875-1975;

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  • Domestic Affairs

    Collection Ref: EAP880/1/1
    Documents related to domestic affairs. Original file reference: SPA/DA. ...
  • Foreign Affairs

    Collection Ref: EAP880/1/2
    Documents related to foreign affairs. Original file reference: SPA/FA. ...
  • Land Affairs

    Collection Ref: EAP880/1/3
    Documents related to land affairs. Original file reference: SPA/LA. ...
  • Religious Affairs

    Collection Ref: EAP880/1/4
    Documents related to religious affairs. Original file reference: SPA/RA. ...
  • Palace Affairs

    Collection Ref: EAP880/1/5
    Documents related to palace affairs. Original file reference: SPA/PA. ...
  • Miscellaneous Affairs

    Collection Ref: EAP880/1/6
    Documents related to miscellaneous affairs. Original file reference: SPA/MA. ...
  • Correspondence

    Collection Ref: EAP880/1/7
    Personal and official correspondences. Original file reference: SPA/CO. ...
  • Council Meeting Book II

    File Ref: EAP880/1/1/1
    Minutes of Council proceedings. Original file reference: SPA/DA/AD/001. Extent of original material: 67 pages. ...
  • Council Meeting Book I

    File Ref: EAP880/1/1/2
    Minutes of Council proceedings. Original file reference: SPA/DA/AD/002. Extent of original material: 184 pages. ...
  • Council Meeting Book III

    File Ref: EAP880/1/1/3
    Minutes of Council proceedings. Original file reference: SPA/DA/AD/003. Extent of original material: 58 pages. ...
  • Council meeting minutes

    File Ref: EAP880/1/1/4
    Collection of minutes of Council proceedings. Original file reference: SPA/DA/AD/004. Extent of original material: 114 pages. ...
  • State circulars and notifications

    File Ref: EAP880/1/1/5
    Documents issued by the General, Judiciary and Private offices. Original file reference: SPA/DA/AD/005. Extent of original material: 134 pages. ...
  • Historical and constitutional development

    File Ref: EAP880/1/1/6
    Documents related to the relationships between Sikkim, the British government and the Indian government. Original file reference: SPA/DA/AD/006. Extent of original material: 99 pages. ...
  • Administration Reports

    File Ref: EAP880/1/1/7
    Annual reports on the administration of the State of Sikkim. Original file reference: SPA/DA/AD/007. Extent of original material: 32 pages. ...
  • Administration Report from 1910 to 1911

    File Ref: EAP880/1/1/8
    Annual reports on the administration of Sikkim. Original file reference: SPA/DA/AD/008. Extent of original material: 26 pages. ...