Bois Marchand Cemetery Archive

The Bois Marchand Cemetery was established in 1867, due to the malaria epidemic. The land was donated by Marchand family. The Archive consists of Burial Registers (BR) and Graves Purchased Books (GPB), in the form of binded printed forms. They were written in English and on a daily basis, from 1867/68 on. Due to poor preservation some registers were not preserved or only in a fragmentary condition. Custodial history: The Archive had always been held in a cupboard at the Cemetery office, on the site, indirectly exposed to weather conditions and insects and rodents. Administrative context: The forms/books were filled by the cemetery directors, on the site. Extent and format of original material: This collection contains 2 series. Graves Purchased Books (GPB) contains 1 file (volume). Burial Registers (BR) contains 139 files: 61 whole burial registers and 78 fragmented registers. (Initially, due to a bad perservation of the material, the digitisation team did not go through the books to put them in chronological order as pieces of pages were falling out and a certain percentage of the archive material would therefore be lost. The archive material was digitised in the same order as it is housed in the cupboard). Physical characteristics: Binded printed forms. Owner(s) of original material: Bois Marchand Cemetery. This collection contains the following file: EAP863/1/1: Graves Purchased Books [16 August 1867 - 12 June 1872]. It also contains the following series of 139 files: BR - Burial Registers [1868-1930].