Jaffna Diocese of the Church of South India (JDCSI) Collection

This description comes in part from Professor Bernard Bate's finding aid for the JDCSI's archive, published in 2005. This collection consists mostly of manuscript materials "from the establishment of the American Ceylon Mission (ACM) in 1816 by the American Ceylon Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (ABCFM) to the transfer of the ACM to the Church of South India (CSI) in 1947". These materials include ninteenth-century letter books, sundry mission reports, minute meetings, copies of the Morning Star, and uncategorized letters and notebooks.

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  • Letters of the A.C.M. to A.B.C.F.M. 1816-1854

    File Ref: EAP835/2/1
    This file contains a typical collection of letters concerned with American Ceylon Mission affairs. Some points discussed in the manuscript include the mission schools, the Press, missionary travel between America, Ceylon, and India, and the relationship be ...
  • Notebook Fragment, c. 1837

    File Ref: EAP835/2/2
    This file consists of sundry mission reports such as baptismal records, marriages, admissions to the church, etc., retranscriptions of important events, and several floor plans. It also includes a fragment of Tamil and English versions of a church convenan ...
  • Chavagacherry 1836-1859

    File Ref: EAP835/2/3
    This file contains typical records from the mission station Chavagacherry. According to Bate's finding aid, it may be a transcription of earlier records. Issues discussed include admissions, appointments, baptisms, transfers, deaths, and issues within the ...
  • Diary Fragment, 1836-1838

    File Ref: EAP835/2/4
    This file describes church admissions, schools, the printing press, religious vocations, mission meetings, and funds of the mission. The writer mentions Samuel Hutchings (1806-1895), Benjamin Meigs (1789-1862), M.D. Sanders (?-?), and Miron Winslow (1789-1 ...
  • Letters to B. Meigs from H. Hill, 1825-1838

    File Ref: EAP835/2/5
    This file consists of letters from Henry Hill (?-?), Treasurer of the A.B.C.F.M., addressed to Miron Winslow and Benjamin Meigs. These letters, sent from India, London, and Boston, concern funds for the ACM in the form of payments and donations for supplie ...
  • Report of the Church at Tellipally, July 1st 1843

    File Ref: EAP835/2/6
    This report focuses on the author's concern regarding lack of new admissions, lack of conversions, difficulty of "maintaining" Christians. It also records communions, baptisms, and marriages at the church. ...
  • Report Fragments, 1851-1855

    File Ref: EAP835/2/7
    This file consists of three tabular sheets and one eight-page report: a. Chavagacherry, Ecclesiastical and Educational Returns, 1851; b. Panditeripo, Ecclesiastical and Educational Returns, 1851; c. Oodooville, Ecclesiastical and Educational Returns, 1851; ...
  • Sundry Reports, 1855-1866

    File Ref: EAP835/2/8
    This file contains reports on the process of ordaination for Ceylonese preachers, certificates of ordination, and license to preach. It also contains detailed data relating to the ACM's printing establishment, with tract-by-tract descriptions by Levi Spaul ...
  • Letterbook Fragment, 1858-1866

    File Ref: EAP835/2/9
    This file contains copies of letters sent from E.P. Hastings (?-1890) to Rufus Anderson (1796-1880), Secretary of the ABCFM. These letters refer to ACM business and concerns such as methods for village schools, the uses of the Native Evangelical Society in ...