Manuscripts relating to the American Ceylon Mission

This collection consists of nine manuscript files related to the 19th-century American Ceylon Mission, including reports, church record books, and minutes from meetings. Anonymous private collection.

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  • Oodooville Church Record Book 1820-1848

    File Ref: EAP835/1/1
    This file records church admissions, baptisms, marriages, deaths, and excommunications from the American Ceylon Mission's Oodooville (Uduvil) Church between the years of 1820-1848. It includes entries by Levi Spaulding (1791-1873).Physical characteristics ...
  • Batticotta Church Record Book 1816-1845, Volume I

    File Ref: EAP835/1/2
    This file records church admissions, baptisms, marriages, deaths, and excommunications from the American Ceylon Mission's Batticotta (Vaddukoddai) Church between the years of 1816-1845. It includes entries by Benjamin C. Meigs (1789-1862) and Daniel Poor ( ...
  • Proceedings of Meetings of Delegates of the three Tamil Missions 1838-1841

    File Ref: EAP835/1/3
    The manuscript is inaccurately titled. It consists of letters written by two successive secretaries of Foreign Correspondence for the ABCFM, Rufus Anderson (1796-1880) and Nathanial G. Clark (1825-?), addressed to the American Ceylon Mission between 1862 a ...
  • Remarks on the Duties of the Wives of Missionaries 1843

    File Ref: EAP835/1/4
    Dated Batticotta 1840, this short manuscript includes instructions and advice written by both missionaries and the wives of missionaries from the ACM and other missions, including Samuel Hutchings (1806-1895) of the ACM, Robert Dwight (1802-1844) of the Di ...
  • Report of the Uduvil School Committee 1841-(1864) 1875

    File Ref: EAP835/1/5
    Reports on the Uduvil Girls' and Boys' Boarding Schools by a number of missionaries and mission Tamil assistants, including Daniel Poor (1789-1855), Samuel Hutchings (1806-1895), Francis Asbury (1810-?), Edward Cope (1806-?), and Robert Wyman (?-?). Genera ...
  • Ecclesiastical Reports 1855-1860

    File Ref: EAP835/1/6
    This file holds reports from numerous mission stations in the Jaffna peninsula, including Batticotta, Chavagachery, Karativoe, Manipay, Oodoopitty, Oodooville, and Valany. Some of the reports are signed by missinoaryes like E.P. Hastings (?-1890), and Levi ...
  • Mission Tapal Book. 1854-1856

    File Ref: EAP835/1/7
    Letter book containing sundry letters and notes of the missionaries in various parts of the Jaffna district, such as Batticotta and Manepy. It was probably circulated among the missionaries as a cheaper method of communication than the post. Some of the co ...
  • Letters to the Secretaries of the A.B.C.F.M. 1874

    File Ref: EAP835/1/8
    This file contains letters written by E.P. Hastings (?-1890) to Nathanial G. Clark (1825-?), Secretary of the A.B.C.F.M. The letters contain information on the mission's doings, financial details, estimates for financial burden of the following years, etc. ...
  • Records of the Committees on Uduvil School 1855-1883

    File Ref: EAP835/1/9
    This file contains records of examinations of the Uduvil Female Boarding School periodically held by the missionaries appointed to the Committees. Comments include concerns about specific pupils, feedback on teachers, criticisms of class levels, and other ...