Manuscript Collection at Monastery of St Saviour in Old Jerusalem

The collection contains 553 codices and rotuli, dating from the 12th to the 20th century and written in eight languages: Ethiopic, Arabic, Armenian, Corali, Greek, Hebrew, Miniati, Latin, Italian, Spanish, Coptic and Syriac. The texts present great variety and contain theological and philosophical treatises, biblical and liturgical books, dictionaries, profane and religious poetry, collections of sermons, pilgrim accounts, and also cooking recipes and magic prayers. Among the books are also rare items, for instance texts written in Armenian and Arabic scripts but in Turkish language or the fragments of Byzantine manuscripts used for binding as the fly-leaves. A special group is made up by large size liturgical books with musical notations, produced for monastic choirs, as well as precious volumes lavishly decorated and illuminated with miniatures, initials and aniconic ornamentation. Research material of particular value consists of a variety of book covers (leather, textile, metal, decorative cardboards etc) representing diverse binding methods. As the whole, the collection presents a remarkably wide spectrum of Western and Eastern manuscript traditions: Christian, Islamic and Jewish.

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  • Al-Nāfūr Al-Yaumi - Prayer Book

    File Ref: EAP823/1/10/3
    Daily prayer book; same parts printed. Physical condition of originals: 43 ff. (01r-05v and 39v-43v blank) 180 x 130 mm paper; black & red ink. Decorated title page. Cover: red leather. Very good condition. ...
  • Tešmeštā – Ordo

    File Ref: EAP823/1/10/4
    Liturgical office. Physical condition of originals: 157 ff. (1r-7r and 147r-154v blank); 115 x 75 mm paper; black & red ink. Decoration of unwan type at the beginning of particular parts of the text. Cover: brown stamped leather. Good condition. ...
  • Taksa - Ritual

    File Ref: EAP823/1/10/5
    Book of funeral services. Physical condition of originals: 123 ff.; 190 x 135 mm paper; black& red ink; Cover: wood-boareds, brown leather. Condition: locally repaired, book-block affected by insects. ...
  • Kǝthābhā dǝ-ṣemḥē - Book of Splendor

    File Ref: EAP823/1/10/6
    Syriac grammer; text not complete. Physical condition of originals: 208 ff; 210 x 140 mm paper; black & red ink. Cover: marbled cardboard, spine of black leather stamped & gilded.Good condition. ...
  • Ḥudrā - Missal for liturgical year

    File Ref: EAP823/1/10/7
    Written in Nazareth; owned by Fr. Sebastian at Commisariato di Terra Sancta in Washington. Physical condition of originals: 72 pp; 225 x 170 mm Cover: marbled cardboard; spine and horns - red cloth. Decoration: glued and ornamentally framed devotional pict ...
  • Riš Quryan - Lectionary

    File Ref: EAP823/1/10/8
    Lectionary (Gospels & Epistles) Maronite.. Physical condition of originals: 554 ff; 320 x 220 x 200 mm hand-made paper of various kind; black and red ink; Decorative tabulae lectionis. Cover: wooden boards covered by brown stamped leather; spine repaired; ...