AET (Ethiopic in BG + SBF)

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  • Miscellanea

    File Ref: EAP823/1/1/5
    ff. 1v-4v: Collection of religious poetry sälam; incomplete. ff. 5r- 64r: Commentary (andǝmta) to Faith of the Fathers (Haymanotä Abäw). Physical condition of originals: 64 ff; 17x12 cm parchment; black&red ink; lacunas in same rubrics; wooden cover. Decor ...
  • Miscellanea

    File Ref: EAP823/1/1/6
    3r-44v: Didactic work: Mäʿǝdan ([Spiritual] Instruction), in Amharic;45r-58v: Introduction to the Miracles of Mary (Tä’ammǝrä Maryam) and five miracles –last text not finished ;59v-68v: Anaphora of Mary by Kyriako’s of Behnesa – text not finished; 69r-76v: ...
  • Miscellanea

    File Ref: EAP823/1/1/7
    Contents: Extra f. verso: notes in Amharic;ff. 1r -111r: Arganonä Wǝddase (The Organ of Prise), text glorifying the Virgin Mary ascribed to Giyorgis of Sägla (14th/15th c);ff. 111v – 114v: Mäftǝḥä śǝray (collection of magic prayers), not complete; Physical ...