This series of Miscellaneous Records encompasses anything from a single book of prescriptions, formerly the Infirmary Book, to a volume of commissions to various public appointees by the Lieutenant Governor of the Leeward Islands between 1863 and 1919 and two surveyor's field notebooks. There are several volumes of Registrar's correspondence between 1883 and 1913. A volume of Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure from 1912 to 1913 includes Nevis and Anguilla and includes wages for posts such as matron or janitor. There are a number of handwritten volumes of Nevis Acts between 1776 and 1869, the completeness and accuracy of which may be open to question. Along with several other miscellaneous volumes, there are five volumes of Jurors Lists between 1873 and 1903. Details of the custodial history of these volumes are unknown but it has to be assumed that many of them were held at the time by the relevant individuals or institutions. For instance the book of prescriptions will have been held initially by the Infirmary and, perhaps, the Jurors' lists held by the Deputy Provost Marshal in his office. Many of the volumes were listed as being in the Nevis courthouse in the 1965 report on Leeward Island records by E C Baker. Legal custody of these Miscellaneous Records is assumed to lie with the ECSC Registrar for St Kitts and Nevis, based in Basseterre, St Kitts under the practical supervision of the Assistant Registrar in Nevis. Extent and format of original material: 1 Series comprising 23 individual volumes.

This series contains the following files.

  • EAP794/1/9/1: Book of Prescriptions 1880-1882;
  • EAP794/1/9/2: Commissions 1863-1919;
  • EAP794/1/9/3: Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure 1912-1913;
  • EAP794/1/9/4: Jurors’ lists 1873;
  • EAP794/1/9/5: Jurors’ lists 1877-1885;
  • EAP794/1/9/6: Jurors' lists 1878-1885;
  • EAP794/1/9/7: Jurors’ lists 1887-1903;
  • EAP794/1/9/8: Jurors’ lists 1897-1898;
  • EAP794/1/9/9: Nevis Acts 1840-1848;
  • EAP794/1/9/10: Nevis Acts 1854-1858;
  • EAP794/1/9/11: Nevis Acts 1859-1862;
  • EAP794/1/9/12: Nevis Acts 1859-1869;
  • EAP794/1/9/13: Nevis Acts 1876-1877;
  • EAP794/1/9/14: Registrar’s Correspondence Book 1883-1894;
  • EAP794/1/9/15: Registrar’s Correspondence Book 1905-1907;
  • EAP794/1/9/16: Registrar’s Correspondence Book 1909-1913;
  • EAP794/1/9/17: Royal Warrants 1845-1863;
  • EAP794/1/9/18: Public Officer's Bonds 1866-1868;
  • EAP794/1/9/19: Charlestown Cemetery Register 1906-1924;
  • EAP794/1/9/20: Election Writs 1859-1873;
  • EAP794/1/9/21: Surveyor’s Field Notebook 1, 1939-1940;
  • EAP794/1/9/22: Surveyor’s Field Notebook 1, 1939-1940, Book 2;
  • EAP794/1/9/23: Charlestown and Bath Cemetery Register 1924-1938;