Despatches from the Secretary of State

The volumes in this series include correspondence sent from the Colonial Office in Britain to Sierra Leone in the nineteenth century. The volumes include copies of letters from the Secretary of State in London to the Governor of Sierra Leone at Freetown between 1822 and 1833. The letters include instructions on policies to be followed in the administration of the Crown Colony, discussion of financial affairs and the appointment of colonial officials. Copies of letters from the Treasury are included in the volume, and there are copies of letters written by other correspondents relating to affairs in the Crown Colony.

Extent and format of original material: 5 volumes.

Owner(s) of original material: Sierra Leone Public Archives.

Arrangement: Entries organised by date.

This series contains the following 5 files.

  • EAP782/1/8/1: Secretary of State Despatches 21 Jan 1822-20 Oct 1823
  • EAP782/1/8/2: Secretary of State Despatches 28 Jan 1830-30 Dec 1830
  • EAP782/1/8/3: Secretary of State Despatches 5 Jan 1831-26 Dec 1831
  • EAP782/1/8/4: Secretary of State Despatches 30 Jan 1832-30 Dec 1832
  • EAP782/1/8/5: Secretary of State Despatches 14 Jan 1833-14 Dec 1833.