Court of Requests

The volumes in this series provide a record of proceedings in the Court of Requests, which dealt with small debts. The records of the court include testimony of individuals setting out the circumstances which led to the debts. In each case, the volumes provide the number of the summons, the date, and the names of the plaintiffs and defendants. It also indicates whether they appeared in person, and includes the statement of the person present and the judgement.

Extent and format of original material: 4 volumes.

This series contains the following 4 files.

  • EAP782/1/7/1: Court of Requests 16 Apr 1881-18 Mar 1882
  • EAP782/1/7/2: Court of Requests 22 Mar 1884-5 Sep 1885
  • EAP782/1/7/3: Court of Requests 13 Apr 1889-26 Apr 1890
  • EAP782/1/7/4: Court of Requests 4 Apr 1891-9 Apr 1892.