Negatives (6x6)

These photographs belong to a collection that is a result of the outdoors activity carried out by photographer Annmarie Heinrich, who took her camera everywhere she went. Photographs exhibit her trips in Argentina, Latin America and also her trips to Europe.Almost 3000 of these negatives were found in a box that had been prearranged by the photographer herself, before her death. Her daughter has kept on organizing it according to the photographer's criteria, and the cataloguing team continued the process following her instructions. For these reasons it will be observed that the files contained in the series repeat on and off. The criteria here was to follow the numerical sequence attributed by the photographer. In most of the images it can be seen a perspective of Argentina, they include a variety of images of landscapes, rural life, city scenes, people and cultural habits, and abstractions. There are also files that contain photographs of details that the photographer called abstractions, or plants, skies, etc. A. Heinrich treasured these photographs but barely exhibited them since she considered the public was more interested in her show-business portfolio.