Vasen Studio [1952-1989]

This collection contains the complete photographic archive of Vasen Studio Karaikudi. The photographic material includes glass-plates, film negatives, prints and glass-mounted slides. The photographic material is dated between between 1952 and 1989. The archive was stored in 31 boxes, mostly original glass-plate and film-negative boxes and kept in various location in the youngest son's household (kitchen and attic). These have been segregated into 7 series: Outdoor portraits (59 images), Miscellaneous shots (77 images), Events (191 images), studio portrait (558 images), adverstisement (07 images), cinema posters (15 images). The original location (i.e. box) of each image is reflected at the file level as well as in each digital file name. The founder of the Vasan studio "Mr. S.K. Srinivasan's" elder son Mr. Ravindren, age 56 years (date of birth 01-03-1960) was able to provide additional information for some images regarding personal names, locations and dates which are included. Date of original material: [1952- [1989]. The dates were given by Mr Ravindran, eldest son of the founder of Vasen studio who began working with his father at the age of 14. The dates are therefore approximate.

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