"Jaffna Bishop’s House Collection, Sri Lanka [1850-1930]"

The collection consists of manuscripts (with some printed documents) dated from 1850 to 1930. They relate the history of the missions or describe the day to day administrative and managerial activities of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate missionaries (O.M.I.). The French congregation of the O.M.I. was mandated by the British authorities in Sri Lanka, by mid nineteenth century, to reorganise the Catholic communities of the northern half of the island – whereas the southern half was attributed to the Jesuits. Except the few printed books, all the other documents (manuscripts) had been hand-written by the Missionaries. These manuscripts contain an average of 250 up to 750 pages each. Time to time some printed materials (paper-cuttings, circular letters..) are inserted. Most of the manuscripts were written in French, - but occasionally also in English, Tamil, and Sinhala. We have digitised 58 such manuscripts. Extent, format and physcial characteristics of original material: 21 files.

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  • 1. Historical Relations [1850-1930]

    Collection Ref: EAP700/1/1
    1. Historical Relations: They constitute the major part of the digitised materials. They contain diverse types of information such as memoirs of missionaries or codices, on the evolution of the missions, the day to day life, with observations on economic a ...
  • 2. Letters [1848-1893]

    Collection Ref: EAP700/1/2
    Unlike the above mentioned historical relations, the letters were written at the time of the fact; they bear testimony of the actuality; they are usually addressed to a private reader. Extent, format and physcial characteristics of original material: One v ...
  • 3. Account books

    Collection Ref: EAP700/1/3
    They present detailed explanations of the income and different expenses related to the missions, churches and cathedral, daily accounts of the expenditures on different chapters like school, orphanage, and charity.. Extent, format and physcial characterist ...
  • 4.Catalogue [1851-1904]

    Collection Ref: EAP700/1/4
    4. Catalogue: They are the records of all types of letters sent by the missionaries with dates of expedition and the addressee – letters which were initially kept at the Bishop’s House a hundred years ago. Extent, format and physcial characteristics of ori ...
  • 5. Sermons and Commentaries [1850-1900]

    Collection Ref: EAP700/1/5
    5. Sermons and Commentaries: Contain preparatory copies for sermons, preaches for retreats, commentaries on Tamil writings. These writings are in French, often with Sinhala or Tamil terminology inside the French text. Extent, format and physcial characteri ...
  • 6. Printed documents [1897-1914]

    Collection Ref: EAP700/1/6
    6. Printed documents: Consist of three biographies and one draft act on marriage. Extent, format and physcial characteristics of original material: One volume of 266 folios. 13x20 cm Printed book. ...
  • 7. Matrimonial [1889-1898]

    Collection Ref: EAP700/1/7
    7. Matrimonial: This is a record on consanguinity and exemption of marriages celebrated by the Catholic church. Extent, format and physcial characteristics of original material: One volume of 408 folios. 22x38 cm size paged hardbound manuscript. ...
  • 8. Statistics [1929]

    Collection Ref: EAP700/1/8
    Statistics: This record contains information on the members of the Diocese of Jaffna. Extent, format and physcial characteristics of original material: One volume of 190 folios. 16x20 cm size paged softbound manuscript. ...