Tirumalai (Jain complex)

The paintings must have been added between the 15th-17th centuries on the walls probably during Vijayanagar period and on the ceilings during Chola period. The paintings are of various geometrical and other designs, besides Samavasaraṇa (is the divinely constructed celestial assembly hall from where all Gods, humans and animals can hear the teachings of a Tirthankara) scenes. Samavasaraṇa is a vast circular or square structure with an elevated pavilion at its centre. Samavasaraṇas are also painted on temple walls and ceilings of the Jain temples in Southern India.

The outer side of the cave is about 6-7 feet high but inner side it’s about two feet. It consists of four compartments. The larger one has entire ceiling painted with beautiful pattern which looks like a carpet. The patterns are fantastic with apt colour combination. The smaller compartment also sports beautiful paintings on the ceiling. The amazing fact is that lot of efforts have been taken to paint even where ceiling is not more than two feet high.