Royal Orders

The series includes royal orders, provisions (provisões), charters, copies of letters, petitions (requerimentos), and other registers made between 1709 and 1821. Documents were sent to the capitães-mores and governors of Paraíba, João da Maya da Gama, Antonio Velho Coelho, Jerônimo José de Mello e Castro, Fernando Delgado Freire de Castilho, and others. Concern the revenue of subsidies administered by the city council (Câmara); the lack of ships and the shipment of sugar in the Paço do Varadouro; the separation of Paraíba from Pernambuco; the jurisdiction of judicial officials (ouvidores) and governors of the captaincy; the removal and expulsion of ouvidores; the mapping of the population; the import, export, and consumption of products; port activity; defense of the captaincy and the Fortaleza do Cabedelo; the the shipment of water from England for sale in the captaincy; letters patent of soldiers and nominations of people to public office; a provision ordering that Antonio Felipe Soares de Andrade Brederode leave the captaincy and warning against the entry of the French. Also contains relations of illnesses among African and indigenous populations; the solicitation of nominations for Inspetor Geral dos Índios and Diretor dos Índios; the purchase of land from Indians; the presence of Indians from the village (aldeia) of Cariri in the fugitive slave community (mocambo/quilombo) of Cumbe; the African slave trade; the presence of an enslaved man as a drummer in a military regiment, and other documents.

Creator (Author): King, Queen, Prince Regent (Portugal); Lisbon's Overseas Council (Conselho Ultramarino de Lisboa, Portugal); Desembargo do Paço (Portugal); Paraíba Government.