This series contains bound volumes of handwritten documents referring to baptisms that took place between 1765 and 1928 in the Freguesia de Nossa Senhora dos Milagres, in Cariri de Fora/São João do Cariri. The baptisms were of children and adults that were free, enslaved, freed, and Indian; legitimate and illegitimate; born to free, freed, and enslaved parents; residents of several ranches in the parish, including the Fazenda do Riacho do Padre, Fazenda da Pedra da Bicha, Fazenda da Porteira, Fazenda do Bonito, Fazenda das Pombas, Fazenda do Curral do Meio, Fazenda do Cerrote, Fazenda Bodopitá, Fazenda de São João, Fazenda do Batalhão, Ludar dos Boltrins, Fazenda do Saco, Fazenda Serra Branca, Fazenda da Ema, and Fazenda Santa Clara. Baptisms took place at the main church, in chapels, and in private places of worship. Baptismal records were signed by the curates.