Photograph Albums

Digitized images of old Photo albums from the Archive of IEFSEM as follows: a/ Album No1682: storage of 25 photos 16 x 11 cm (only the photos) and 25 x 19 cm (with passepartout which is the page of the album); overall torn album; b/ Album No2801: storage of 47 photos 24-38 x 20-27 and 24 x 20 cm (only the photos) and 45,5 x 33,5 cm (with passepartout which is the page of the album); overall good condition; c/ Album No3005: 40 photos 17 x 11 cm; passepartout – 25 x 17 cm; torn. d/ Album No3618: stores 87 black-and-white portrait photos 18-11 x 10-7 cm made in the first established photo ateliers in 1906-7 (the famous Atelier of Karastoyanovi, and later – other famous Balkan photographers), and earlier (for example, by a private photographer in 1885-1886). Most of them are with descriptions on the back which state some important details; the majority are glued to a cardboard passepartout, three are on metal base (ferrotype). These photographs are dated from the last 3 decades of 19th century up to the 1950s. They all reflect mainly sides from the individual, community and family life (kin and family, neighbourhood, church, school, etc.) in different villages and towns from the Bulgarian territory.