Maulvi [1928-1972]

Description: Monthly "Maulvi" very popular religious Urdu periodical about Islam. It contains articles about the muslims believes, religious obligations and the ways of spending life according to the Islamic values. It also has interesting advertisements about the health related issues and publicity of new published books and magazines of that time. It appears in different dimensions: 24.5×18.5 cm; 24×17.5 cm and 23.5×18 cm.

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  • Nafsiyyat [1948-1965]

    Collection Ref: EAP566/1/10
    Description: This journal has published some of the most innovative and informative articles in Urdu language about psychology. Nafsiyyat was a psychological literary journal published from Lahore in January 1948 and later on from Karachi in replacement of ...
  • Adib [1910-1913]

    Collection Ref: EAP566/1/11
    Description: Adib is a pictorial magazine which promotes Urdu literature. It has very instresting essays for every one. Very important magazines in its time. During Adib's publishing span three editors have been changed. Piyare Lal Shakir took the responsi ...
  • Saqi [1930-1971]

    Collection Ref: EAP566/1/12
    Description: Saqi was a very famous literary Urdu journal. The purpose of Saqi publication was to promote Urdu language in sab-continent by introducing diversity in writing and encouraging new writers. It has been contineously published over the four decad ...
  • Makhzan [1901-1951]

    Collection Ref: EAP566/1/13
    Description: Makhzan occupies a unique place in the history of modern literature and maintained its excellence over such a long period and appealed to all classis of people.Its sound literary taste, perfect mastery over Urdu, good out-look. It came at a ti ...
  • Avaz [1936-1986]

    Collection Ref: EAP566/1/14
    Description: Fortnightly journal published by All India Radio; would include transcripts of important talks, stories, poetry, as well as program schedule for two weeks both in Urdu and English. It is illustrative magazine and have interesting short stories ...
  • Zamanah [1903-1948]

    Collection Ref: EAP566/1/15
    Description: Since its begining in April 1903 till its end in 1948 monthly "Zamanah" holds an important place amongst the Urdu literary periodicals of sub-continent. It covers wide range of topic in Urdu language like; poetry, criticism, religion, fiction, ...
  • Jin [1930-1931]

    Collection Ref: EAP566/1/16
    Jin was edited by a famous prose writer Allama Niaz Fethpuri. It is a Urdu literary journal about the Human thoughts and the creation of universe, human soul, behaviour and psychology etc. Dimensions: 24×15.5 cm. The issues belonging to this periodical hav ...