Makhzan [1901-1951]

Description: Makhzan occupies a unique place in the history of modern literature and maintained its excellence over such a long period and appealed to all classis of people.Its sound literary taste, perfect mastery over Urdu, good out-look. It came at a time when Urdu prose become an adequate means of expressions. It covers the topic about Urdu poetry, fiction, history, criticism, etc. Makhzan begins in April 1901 from Lahore. Throughout its publication till May 1951, Makhzan has gone into three different periods. First publishing period starts from April 1901 through June 1922, second period from March 1927 through December 1930 and the third publishing period is January 1949 through May 1951. Makhza appeared in different sizes: 23×17.5 cm; 21×12.5 cm.

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