Archivo Regional de Ayacucho collection of nineteenth century newspapers

This is one of five collections of Peruvian newspapers digitised by the EAP498 project team in five different regions of Peru.

The collection of newspapers held by the ex-INC, now Ministry of Culture, in Ayacucho are very different from the collection of newspapers from this city held at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. This collection will enable new studies of Ayacucho as a region and allow for a better understanding of broader Peruvian history.

This collection contains the following 8 titles.

  • EAP498/5/1: (Tomo Tercero.) El Conciliador, 4 Enero 1832-28 Diciembre 1832
  • EAP498/5/2: El Comercio [Lima], 1 Agosto 1853-15 Agosto 1853
  • EAP498/5/3: El Debate [Ayacucho], 24 Mayo 1901-16 Octubre 1913
  • EAP498/5/4: El Mensagero [Lima], 1 Agosto 1853-26 Noviembre 1853
  • EAP498/5/5: El Mercurio [Lima], 2 Febrero 1863-26 Abril 1863
  • EAP498/5/6: Mercurio Peruano [Lima], 2 Agosto 1830-11 Enero 1831
  • EAP498/5/7: La Libertad Restaurada, 23 Enero 1841-30 Octubre 1841
  • EAP498/5/8: La Sociedad [Lima], 1 Junio 1870-31 Diciembre 1870.