Nāṭumutalaikkuḷam Karuppaiyyā Collection

This collection contains 1 copper plate (1777) which describes land given to tirumalai punhnha teevanh, cunta teevanh and occaa teevanh (headmen to the Pramalai Kallar sucaste) for them to rule over by the sovereign of Madurai Thirumalai Naayakkar in the year 1777; and 1 notebook which contains the transcription of the copper plate as well as the names of the villages under the naaTu, their respective headman's (periyateevar's), roles and responsibilites of the periyateevar or village headman's, temple honours, resolutions and settlement of issues for various mistakes and crimes.

Physical characteristics/Extent and format of original material: 1 copper plate and 1 notebook.

Creation dates of original material (Gregorian and/or Tamil calendar): 1777; no date.