Pūṇṭi Ōṭṭuvītu Rājēntiraṉ Collection

This collection contains 89 handwritten and printed paper documents (1877-1948) addressing land deeds, land tax, partition of properties, loans, petitions, court documents, financial transactions, receipts and astrological readings; 17 handwritten palm-leaf bundles addressing land deeds and financial transactions; and 1 handwritten ledger notebook (1945-46) giving the accounts of aTaikkaN ampalam's family and others of puuNTi village and surrounding areas.

Physical characteristics/Extent and format of original material: This collection consists of 17 handwritten palm-leaf documents, 89 handwritten and printed paper documents and 1 handwritten notebook.

Creation dates of original material (Gregorian and/or Tamil calendar): 1877-1948.