Nāṭṭukkoṭṭai Makātmā Pāṇṭiyar Collection

This collection (1806-1963) contains 10 palm-leaf bundles (38 palm-leaves) covering accounts and land deeds of periyacuurappakavuNTar and naTukkooTTai zamin; 4 notebooks of account details of naTukkooTTai zamin and a court case details of pericyacuurappakavuNTar, naTukkooTTai zamin; 3 printed books which are registers of land survey and settlements the civarakkooTTai village, descriptive memoirs of the civarakkooTTai village in the Tirumangalam Taluk, and court documents submitted in the District Munsif court of Tirumangalam about a land dispute between kondammal, mallammal, muthammal, periyasurappagouner and others; 495 handwritten and printed paper documents dealing with petitions, summons, court related documents such as witness statements, deposition, enquiry, reports submitted in the Court, police station, Collector Office, Office of the Tahsildar by periyacuurappakkavuNTar and others on various issues; land deeds such as land sale, land lease, land loan, land tax etc.; notices sent to cuurappakavuNTar and others of naTukkooTTai and surounding villages by government departments; agreements, alimony, village panchayat documents etc.

Physical characteristics/Extent and format of original material: The collection consists of 10 handwritten palm-leaf documents (38 palm-leaves), 4 notebooks, 3 printed books and 495 handwritten and printed paper documents.

Creation dates of original material (Gregorian and/or Tamil calendar): 1806-1963.